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Cancer Diagnosis

Every year, approximately 37,000 people in Switzerland are confronted with a diagnosis of cancer. Along with the diagnosis comes shock, fear and sadness, besides having to endure time-consuming therapies with consequential side effects, the outcome of which remains uncertain. Even when treatments progress positively, the fear of cancer recurrence often remains for the rest of one’s life.
As an enthusiastic visual designer it is both an artistic, and  a personal challenge, to illustrate the many different aspects of cancer. In addition, working on the posters is a possibility to handle process my own experiences.
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Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer Diagnosis

With the posters in this publication, graphic designer Rahel Meyer recounts the impact that cancer has on her life – also after completion of treatment. Using simple elements, she illustrates how cancer affects everyday life and provides insight into her world of thoughts and feelings. Despite the gravity of the subject matter, a healthy dose of subtle, life-affirming humor resonates in the posters.

The posters are accompanied by short texts.
Cancer Diagnosis
40 Pages, Softbound
Size 22×28 cm
CHF  28 / EUR 30
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